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Third party fund management

We are a licenced Chapter 15 management company and Alternative Investment Fund Manager (AIFM), supervised by the CSSF.

Given the strong, IT-driven operations platform at FWU Invest, we are able to offer third party management services for traditional UCITS structures, but also for the Luxembourgish Reserved Alternative Investment Fund (RAIF) vehicle, which is particularly suited for more complex investment needs.

The RAIF allows you to wrap all of your assets into one single, tax-efficient fund. The time-to-market for this type of structure is very quick – the regulatory burden is solely on us.

FWU Invest
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At the same time, you get plenty of flexibility inside the fund, with alternative investments, including illiquid assets, eligible, alongside all of the traditional asset classes, while you can also use any investment policy guidelines, there being no restrictions. If need be, you can also market the fund across the EU, making use of our AIFM status to passport your fund to your EU destination of choice.

We manage while you invest

We take care of all of the administration and management, so you can concentrate on what matters most: your investments.

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