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May we introduce our team

We are a team of over 15 finance professionals, ranging across all functions of the asset management process, counting:

  • portfolio management,

  • risk and compliance,

  • operations, and

  • IT.

51 years

of combined experience

On the investment side, our team has over 60 years of combined experience in money management, with a wide array of expertise.

We have computer science and programming skills, along with economists and highly experienced portfolio managers, the combination of which provides a robust foundation for a systematic investment approach.

The investment team is complemented by risk management and compliance professionals, along with an operations team, which prides itself on being highly innovative in terms of finding efficiency gains and reducing costs.

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33, rue de Gasperich
5826 Hesperange
GD de Luxembourg

Tel.: +352 26197700
Fax: +352 26197800