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Portfolio management
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Discretionary Portfolio Management

We manage money across several strategies and asset classes. Our principal business is in the management of a range of UCITS funds, including the below:

  • Lucy Sustainable Bonds

  • Lucy Sustainable Equities

  • Lucy Global Equities

  • Lucy European Equities

  • Lucy Islamic Equities

  • Lucy Low Risk Bonds

  • Lucy Low Risk Equity

  • Lucy Megatrends

  • Lucy Secure Islamic Income

  • Lucy Islamic Income

Beyond our UCITS funds, we also provide a managed account service.

This means should you need a bespoke investment strategy built on quantitative foundations, we can build this for you.


You may, for example, want elements from the UCITS strategies, but incorporated with more complex features or combined with your own constraints and ideas.

Given our lean operational set-up and systematic approach, we can find a solution for all of your quantitative investment needs.

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