Cookies and Tracking

1. Controller

Below, we, the FWU Group; Bavariafilmplatz 7, D - 82031 Grünwald; (FWU Invest S.A.; as applicable according to the imprint) hereinafter also referred to as "FWU", "we", "us", "our", inform you about the use of Cookies, Tracking Tools and Social Media Plugins on our websites:



2. Definition

So-called "Cookies" are used on our websites. Cookies are small text files that are transferred from our websites locally to the hard disk of your computer or mobile device and stored there when you visit our websites. This will save your actions and your preferred settings during your browser session or for your next visit to our websites. If you visit our websites again, this information will be sent back to the server. Your computer or mobile device is automatically recognized again and your preferred settings, for example, are loaded. This offers you the advantage that you do not have to set those every time you visit our websites. We can use Cookies to track your preferences and statistically evaluate the usage data for our websites in order to improve our offer, our Internet presence and our advertising in terms of content, graphics and technology according to your needs. On our websites we may use similar techniques, such as pixels, Conversion tracking, etc. For the sake of consistency, all these techniques combined will be hereafter referred as Cookies.

2.1. Types of cookies

We use various types of cookies on our websites:

First-party Cookies: We use first-party Cookies, therefore Cookies that are set by us and under our control.
Third-party Cookies: Third-party Cookies are also used on our websites. We may not know all third parties who place Cookies on our websites. We may also not be aware of all Cookies placed on our websites by third parties. We do not monitor the use of these third-party Cookies, with the exception of analytical Cookies, which we use to evaluate our websites

2.2. Duration of storage

Cookies are stored for different periods of time:

Session Cookies: Session Cookies are only stored for the duration of your visit to our websites, hence your current visit to one of our websites or a browser session.
Persistent Cookies: Persistent Cookies are stored on the hard disk of your computer or mobile device beyond the individual visit to our websites or a browser session. They enable us to recognize you the next time you visit our websites and to make it easier for you to use our websites.

2.3. Purposes

The Cookies are used for the following purposes:

Realization of certain websites functions: The Cookies used enable our websites and certain "comfort"-functions to function through automatic recognition of your browser.
Analysis and statistics: The use of Cookies enables us, among other things, to determine how many visitors visit our websites and how visitors behave on our websites, hence which functions they use. In addition, the Cookies can collect information that is evaluated for statistical purposes.
Advertising/ (Re-) marketing: In addition, (third party) Cookies for advertising or marketing purposes are also displayed on our websites. These help to adapt the display of the displayed contents to your preference and to be able to show you advertising on the websites of partner companies.

3. Further information on Cookies on our websites

In the following sections we will provide you with further information on Cookies on our websites.

3.1. Required Cookies

On our websites we use Cookies that ensure that the websites functions properly. We use such Cookies further for:

Storing the user's consent status for Cookies on the current domain
Registering whether the user deactivates JavaScript in the browser or not
Storing preferences such as language, location, the number of search results to be displays etc.
Reading your browsers settings so that we can display our websites optimally to your screen
Loading the websites evenly so that it remains accessible
Optimizing our websites in real time depending on how you use the websites

3.2. Analytics Cookies

On our websites we use Cookies that enable us to measure the usage of our websites. We use such Cookies further for:

Keeping track of the number of visitors to our websites
Registering a unique ID that is used to generate statistical data on how the visitor uses the Web pages
Keeping track of the length of time that each visitor spends on our websites
Optimizing the websites
Assessing which parts of our websites need to be improves

3.3. Social media Cookies

On our websites we use Cookies for sharing the content of our websites via social media in order for logged in users of selected social media to share and like certain content from our websites directly.

Those social media parties may also collect your personal data for their own purposes. For further information regarding your collected personal data as well as the Cookies set by the social media parties, please refer to their own privacy and Cookie policies:

  • (Facebook)

  • (GooglePlus und Youtube)

  • (LinkedIn)

3.4. Targeted advertising Cookies

On our websites we use Cookies for displaying targeted advertisements and content. In order to tailor information and advertising to your interest and relevance, we try to acquire an understanding of your likely interests on the basis of your visits and surfing behavior on our websites and other third party websites. Based on your interests, we develop a segmented profile and then adapt the content and advertisements on our websites for various groups of costumers.

Further we may use targeted advertising Cookies for:

The websites to record and access your interests
Keeping track of how many visitors click on an advertisement
Third party services to be used to show you advertisement tailored to your needs, interests or preferences
Matching multiple devices (e.g. phone, tablet, laptop) to a visitor so that it can be tracked if an ad on one device may have triggered an action on another device (“Cross Device Tracking”)

4. Administration and deletion of Cookies and exercise of your right of withdrawal

  • When you visit our web pages, a banner appears, which informs you about the use of Cookies on our web pages. By placing a check mark in the provided box and by then clicking the consent button, you agree to the use of Cookies on our websites.

  • You can withdraw your consent at any time by changing your browser settings and deactivating the setting of Cookies and deleting Cookies that have already been set.
    If you wish to withdraw your consent with respect to third party Cookies, please contact the provider of the relevant Cookie. Further information can be found in the data protection information or Cookie information of the respective provider.

  • Most browsers automatically accept the use of Cookies. You can use your browser settings to manage the use of Cookies. If you do not want Cookies to be automatically stored on your device, you can change your browser settings accordingly and deactivate the setting of Cookies. You can also choose in your browser settings whether you want to be informed when a website uses Cookies. For details on how to change your browser settings, please refer to the instructions or help functions of your browsers

    • Google Chrome:

    • Firefox:

    • Internet Explorer:

    • Safari:

  • Please note that you can still visit and use our websites after deactivating Cookies by changing your browser settings. Under certain circumstances, however, deactivating Cookies may mean that you can no longer make full use of the functions of our websites.

5. Disclaimer

We, the FWU Group, may amend this Cookie and Tracking Tool Policy from time to time. This may be the case if our websites or the rules relating to Cookies change. We reserve the right to amend the content of this policy at any time and without notice. The new policy will be effective upon posting. By continuing to access our Websites or to make use of our services after the changes become effective, you agree to be bound by the revised Cookie and Tracking Tool Policy. You can consult this website for the latest version.

In case you share your device with other persons, you have to make sure that they are adequately informed and can exercise their rights.